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The Formula 1 World Championship has been contested every year, since 1950.  Television coverage has certainly evolved during that time frame.

Today some of Formula 1’s most passionate viewing regions can enjoy coverage from every moment of every session, during a Formula 1 season.  However, some countries enjoy significantly less coverage, for whatever reason. 

We would like to encourage television networks to continue expanding Formula 1, in hopes of bringing fans closer to the sport they so very much enjoy. 


F1’s official website should consider streaming practices, qualifying, and races to countries, where each respective session is not available. Example: no practice coverage in the United Kingdom, so make practices available there online. Or, no qualifying coverage in Australia, make qualifying available via the website, for Australians.  The content available to each respective country could be defined by the television contracts in that nation. Other ideas?  Share them with your country’s Formula 1 broadcaster.


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